Perception of your customer about your ability helps you to win over them and retain them with you. When they trust on you, want best service in back from you. This system allows you to manage relationship with them in better way. With saving your time, it helps you to be proactive. Once feeding all the information in the system, you can utilize it. In its centralized database, you can easily store your customer’s data, their requirements and access same easily. According to the desired parameters, you can do all tasks within few clicks.
All prices, discounts applied on packages, and supplements are calculated in automated manner. You can find all data such as paid amount, selling price, expected profit, travel dates, etc. at one place. With this integrated solution, you can easily track your customer’s experience from you B2B and B2C website. For managing communication, TravelMint provides you mailing facility in which mail can be send in a single click. By keeping complete data, it also helps you see your business performance.
Travel Documents:-
Travel documents have their own significance while booking a tour and providing all services in which a stunning itinerary with attractive images and description acts like an asset to enhance your conversion rate. Avoid the manual work and generate different docs such as beautiful Itinerary, Vouchers, Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Invoices, Advanced payment invoices, Supplier inquiries, Contracts, etc. automatically and send them directly with TtravelMint. With multilingual support, TravelMint provides customization facility for more ease. Thus, TravelMint empowers travel enterprises to do their work in more professional, faster, and more efficient manner.

Booking Mangement

With the ready-to-use solution, setup and configured your business data into the system. Our system handle the most complex booking environment related to hotel, meal plan, transport, guide/ escort, monuments, package, and other expenses.
Auto Booking:-
Booking for required services will be automatically done from data input at the time of quotation after registration of a tour. Therefore, operator is not required to do repetitive task. It completes in just one click and makes process fast and convenient. If any change is required in service provider or its price, it can be modified by operator.

Provision for buffer hotels:- There is also a provision for booking buffer / alternate hotel for tour while booking is completely done from quotation data.

Services booking management:- Required services for a tour are booked here automatically from quotation data in a single click. Operator can also set status of a booking. He can send confirmation / Reconfirmation / cancellation mail to service provider, amend booking etc from required service booking interface.
The mail formats are auto generated hence operator only needs to click on send button to send mail. Each service has its status (pending / awaited / confirm / cancel). At the time of booking we can see quoted data also so we can easily verify booking information by quoted information.

Operation Mangement

Better management of travel business implies driving more value for each investment. A proven standard travel software, TravelMint for travel companies, tour operators, travel agencies, etc. provides flexible, scalable and custom-driven services. With optimizing the complete processing of incoming travel operators, it provides a flexible modular construction they need to run all processes.
Quick tour registration and booking:-
After confirmation of tour arrival, operation user can register a tour quickly. Data are already entered by sales person so there is no need to re-input same data at the time of registering the tour. Operator can make changes in auto available data if required. These changes will not reflect on pre sales confirmation data. For booking, If operator needs to change in service provider or its price, it can be done here easily. He can also set status of a booking and send mail by clicking just a button. Vouchers for services can be easily generated automatically.
UI for service amendment:-
ometimes there is need to amend in services or itinerary. TravelMint also provides an interface where post sales operator can be amended in services required for client. Operator can make changes in any service / itinerary for a tour, which can include city, accommodation, transport, guide, monument and many more. After amendment, booking will reflected by new available services.
Series handling:-
TravelMint also handles series generation. Multiple arrivals can be managed automatically in just one click.
Travel Docs generation:-
TravelMint generates lot of useful documents for a tour. These documents includes welcome letter, briefing sheet, reservation status sheet, contact detail, tour status card, PLA card, feedback form, passport list, rooming list and many more.

Contract Mangement

In travel industry, travel organizations present in different shapes and sizes that operate different travel programs at different level. In order to manage complete travel program, we have created a flexible tour software suite in which various management programs are included for handling business process on efficient manner.
Transport program management:-
Our incoming travel software offers facilities to manage various transport programs including Air / Train Transfer, sightseeing, transfer and package from local / transporter agents. By having provision to include services provided by agents make TravelMint extraordinary for its users. Later on, easily pick a program with its services while creating quotation and make it quickly.
Hotel price and tax calculation:-
Hotel tariffs can be managed on basis of validity, room type, and plan type. Tax is automatically calculated on published or discounted rate on the basis of tax management master. It also manages VAT / ST / Luxury tax on hotel tariff user interface. Hotel tariff for various meal plans can be generated automatically or manually as per requirement. It also manages tariff for FIT and GIT type pax.
Monument packages:-
In TravelMint operators can enter city wise monument. Moreover, we can make packages for monument by including a bunch of monument. These monument packages help us to make quotation, i.e. operator can easily select a monument package for half / full day city tour without worrying about any monument can be left or extra monument is added for limited time of city tour period.
Power full user management:-
Admin can control what to show or what to hide for a user of TravelMint. Thus, a single application can be customize for pre sales operator, post sales operator, accountant, admin and others in different manner. Admin can control view, edit, print and email access for any user. Moreover, there is a restricted permission by which admin can control access on all or only operator's own resources. It is feasible to create a user group who performs same type of task. Afterward we can also assign access privileges on TravelMint resources for a group. A user who belongs to a group has same access right. User can be added or removed from a group.

Finance and accounting Mangement

In today’s challenging era, realizing the cash flow in timely manner is the key of success for a company. For its accomplishment, generating proforma invoice, invoices and other reports accurately and timely becomes important. Many enterprises use spreadsheets for driving different tasks but not certainly best way to manage their most significant component.
Our system provides a platform that not only replace the volume and complexity of spreadsheets but also manage advances and credits and complete tour accounting including proforma invoice, invoice and reports for keeping eye on your business.
Various types of invoices including standalone, by proforma invoice, with quotation, airfare, credit note etc can be generated manually or automatically in quoted currency. Adjustment of Service Tax / Education cess / Higher education cess / discount / advance also can be made. Yet, with the ability to keep an accurate track of various project costs, it advances further:-
Save time and improve business performance.
Increase invoice accuracy.
Make work as easy and faster as one click.
No need to enter details repetitively as it comes from quotation or if need in some cases, can enter manually.

Transport Management